Our team provides five star service around the clock , catering to all you needs 24/7 , whether you are on land or at sea. A team you will find hard to part with as soon as your vacation is over.

For our gold members, the corresponding services are provided 12 months a year , even abroad upon recommendation.

The entertainment staff & the concierge services are offered in the spot that you have chosen to stay,
on the earth or on the water.

They are offered 24 hrs and for our loyal clients even 12 months around.
You only have to ask about what you do imagine.


THE GOLDEN BUTLER, proven after 8 years of experience in the field , has a portfolio consisting of villas, yachts, boats and luxury means of transport, with which it has been collaborating for years and has closely followed their development and presence in the area. This portfo- lio is specific to each point of the main island region of Greece, with a number of staff based on each island, offering their direct and excellent services to our clients.

Our job, which is to cater to each visitors wants and needs in excellent form and service, evolves over time not only empirically, but through the training of our partners by well-known professionals in top locations around the globe.

Having tasted our services and having experienced the experiences we offer, every year we hope to surprise you with our imaginative itineraries and creative services.


We provide the best architect & interior design services

Our signature design process comes standard…refresh, remodel, new and enjoyable design experience
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