Events & Weddings

Events & Weddings & Parties!

The Golden Butler’s Team as experienced travelers & bon vivants, do know the most amazing locations in Ionian Islands & Mykonos Island for each occasion.
It will be more than a pleasure to us, to drive you to the most magical sceneries, ideally for the event that you are dreaming of!
Private Estates with private beaches, Cottages into nowhere, astonishing Villas with spacious outdoor areas, private vineyards, isolated beaches and Motor Yachts, can easily be booked and host the Event of your life.
Even if its for the Great Gatsby’s party, even for a private occasion, The Golden Butler’s Lifestyle Management Team of Events, is ready to make it happen.
No matter how big, how much special & how much sophisticated, we need to be challenged and we need to be inspired.

The Teams:
Wedding Team: Decorator, planner & consultant.

Catering/Chef/ Stuff/ Buffet/Menu.
Photographer & Drone handler.
Parking drivers.

Constructions (especially outdoors).

Sound & Audio Machinery.
Lighting Machinery.