The Pre-production procedure is as much important as the Production one.
If it is to happen to Greece, let us guide you and suggest.
During the making of Captain’s Corelli Mandolin, some of us were very proud that supported personally the production, while our Ionian history became movie!

What we do – Do the “recce” as the professionals say:

Pre-production support:
Meet with locations: Transportation, accommodation and tours.
Portfolio about the best case scenario locations, info, facts, distances, etc for the place chosen.
Permissions & Licenses (archaeological & Monumental sites included).
Legal actions.
Touch with the locals & raise local’s awareness.
Press Conference.

During the production:
Celebrities’ & Actors’ Accommodation/Transportation/ Menu/ Assistance/ Private tours, etc.
Stuff (technicians & machinery if requested).
Sets & equipment.

After the production:
Goodbye Party/ any party.