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THE GOLDEN BUTLER is a company which specializes in the field of Tourism and Real estate Development.

In the field of Tourism, THE GOLDEN BUTLER specializes in planning luxury leisure and business trips.

In collaboration with our experienced & long-term partners, we aim to create unique experiences which are offered mainly in the island region of Greece, offering villas, yachts and boats.

Specialties such as chefs, oenologists and cocktail makers, nannies, beauticians, certified tour guides, excellent drivers and tireless bodyguards are some of the amenities, our customers prefer on their trips. Our goal is to offer absolute pleasure, excellent service, originality, and creativity regarding every demand. For our loyal members, these services are offered on a 12-month basis in selected destinations.

In the field of Real Estate Development and Construction, THE GOLDEN BUTLER has created a dynamic team of scientists and engineers, who discover and evaluate land for investment potential, analyze data and plan the investment itself.

Architectural proposals, 3d presentations, business plans and more, are basic steps in the presentation of property and the business plan, which continuously evolve until the fulfilment of the creation of an optimized idea.

THE GOLDEN BUTLER is dedicated to creative and impactful projects, which support Greece, its land and its endless beauty and potential.


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THE GOLDEN BUTLER collaborates with artists and manages a speciöc art portfolio in order to enhance events & venues.

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THE GOLDEN BUTLER, proven after 8 years of experience in the field , has a portfolio consisting of villas, yachts, boats and luxury means of transport, with which it has been collaborating for years and has closely followed their development and presence in the area. This portfo- lio is specific to each point of the main island region of Greece, with a number of staff based on each island, offering their direct and excellent services to our clients.

Our job, which is to cater to each visitors wants and needs in excellent form and service, evolves over time not only empirically, but through the training of our partners by well-known professionals in top locations around the globe.

Having tasted our services and having experienced the experiences we offer, every year we hope to surprise you with our imaginative itineraries and creative services.


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